Adding Personality in the Garage

In general, garages aren’t bursting with personality. They come in a cookie-cutter format with blank walls, ugly concrete and an overall drab look. It is time to break the mold and liven up the most boring room in the house! Here are a few tips to help you add your personality in the garage:

1. Painting the walls. Most garages come with standard white walls. This is a problem because not only do white walls have a tendency to get dirtier easier, they’re also beyond boring. Painting your walls a fresh color will help give your garage a personality boost!

Sioux Falls Flooring

2. Sprucing up the garage floor. Conventional concrete is not only uninteresting, it also is porous, which means it holds everything in. Upgrading to either Epoxy or Swisstrax flooring will not only improve the look of your garage, it will help keep it cleaner.


3. Using colorful, coordinating storage bins. If you want to add personality in the garage in less than an hour, consider buying some colorful, coordinating storage bins to store on top of your shelving. This will keep your garage organized and aesthetically appealing.

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Adding personality in the garage is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps and your garage will be the envy of the neighborhood in no time.